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The 3 scientifically proven qualities that you must assess in your applicants (one of which you've never heard of...) that other applicant screening "experts" won't be even talking about for years.

The #1 best predictor of future behavior Note: This is a scientifically proven strategy with over 30 years of consistent research that almost no one has heard of or used in admissions, but would take the quality of your accepted applicants and your institution to the next level instantly.

How to significantly increase the reliability and validity of your applicant screening protocol with a simple change you can implement today.  

How to decrease turnover by identifying & eliminating a certain type of applicants quickly before they cause any trouble or waste your resources. 

And much more including the entire list of 14 golden rules of admissions assessment 

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In a news article, the CEO of Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, Dr. Geneviève Moineau, voiced her agreement with SortSmart that “better ways to evaluate “humanistic” factors including “one’s capacity to learn” and “the intrinsic motivation to provide care and to advance scientific discovery” are needed.”, in response to a study by SortSmart on candidate selection. 

“SortSmart is a convenient and innovative tool with a true potential to revolutionize candidate screening. Our startup is often hiring in positions including marketing and R&D. Seeing that several of our co-founders are spread across geographically distinct institutes including UCSF, University of Toronto and Harvard Medical School we find it difficult to hire new team members without bias or inconsistencies. SortSmart offers an efficient and effective solution to our problem through a user friendly, highly customizable screening tool that can be optimized to select the perfect candidates. I highly recommend SortSmart for candidate screening.” - Dr. Payam Zarin, PhD, Co-Founder of AllergenFree  

“You can easily interview 3-4 times more candidates in a given week using SortSmart. Load up different sets of questions for different roles, and have the system automate the interview process without you being present. Then run through the interviews in batch work. This is a complete game changer!” - Rokham Fard, Founder of TheRedPin and PsychologyCompass  

"It is a fact that a challenge of our times is to be able to pick the right candidates... how to sort them out? For too long we have relied on whoever has the most impressive list of degrees or a great sounding last names (biases). SortSmart is a new tool for a new world where we will finally be able to answer the questions: Is this person a good fit for this job, project, company or organization?" - Gabe Bautista, Consultant, GabeBautista.Com